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XPREG XC110 Prepreg Carbon Fibre 6K, 416g, 2/2 Twill (1250mm)


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OUT OF AUTOCLAVE | COMPONENT | SURFACE PLY | Advanced Prepreg carbon fibre developed for out-of-autoclave cure. Suitable for structural or cosmetic applications. Cure from: 85°C, max Tg: 110°C

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Roll Width 1 Metre

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XPREG® XC110 is an advanced OOA prepreg carbon fibre backing system designed specifically for out-of-autoclave (vacuum bag, oven cure) processing. After several years in development, XC110 is a class-leading prepreg system capable of producing carbon fibre components with a 'class A' surface finish and minimal void content when oven-cured under vacuum pressure only.

Components made using the XC110 resin system offer mechanical properties comparable to autoclave-cure systems (such as XPREG® XC130) without the need for expensive autoclave plant or the associated cycle costs. The system is also ideally suited for large components which exceed the capacity of typical autoclaves, such as boat hulls and turbine blades.

XC110 prepregs can be backed-up with (and co-cured alongside) unidirectional reinforcement (from the XC130 range) and are fully compatible with our XA120 adhesive film meaning that even the most complex composite structures - including honeycomb cores - can be achieved out-of-autoclave.

The 416g 6k material listed on this page is recommended for use as an out of autoclave prepreg carbon fibre backing ply, typically used to back-up a layer of XC110 210g 3k Surface Ply. It is however possible to use this large pattern OOA prepreg carbon fibre 6k material as a surface ply, although slightly more surface print should be expected from this heavier fibre.

Recommended Uses

XC110 is the recommended system for both structural and cosmetic applications where components will be cured without an autoclave.

The combination of excellent mechanical performance, visual quality appearance and class-A surface finish make XC110 prepregs suitable for a wide range of applications from large-scale structural components to high-precision cosmetic parts.

High PerformanceLarge ScaleCosmetic/Lifestyle
  • UAV/drones
  • Motorsport
  • Bike frames
  • Racing boats
  • Skis, boards
  • Boat hulls
  • Wind energy
  • Mass transit
  • Light aircraft
  • Interior trim
  • Phone cases
  • Furniture
  • Stands/display


XPREG® XC110 is designed to be oven cured in a vacuum bag at full vacuum pressure however it can also be cured in an autoclave or hot-press. Minimum vacuum pressure is 10mbar.

For best results, an accurately controlled multi-stage temperature cycle with final cure temperature of 120°C should be followed. See technical datasheet or XC110 Processing Guide for details, including a range of alternative cure cycles from 85°C.

Suitable Moulds/Tooling

Moulds/tools should be epoxy-based composite moulds, epoxy tooling board or metal. In all cases, moulds must be temperature stable to a minimum of 85°C but ideally to 120°C.

Fully Compatible:

  • High temp epoxy hand-layup moulds (e.g. EG160 / EMP160)
  • Carbon or glass fibre prepreg moulds (e.g. XPREG® XT135)
  • Epoxy tooling board (e.g. EP700 Epoxy Tooling Board with S120 Board Sealer)
  • Aluminium / stainless steel moulds
  • Toughened glass (for flat sheet/panels)

Although it is possible to use vinylester tools (such as Uni-Mould™) they are not recommended due to the increased possibility of surface imperfections (pin holes) which can occur when XPREG® XC110 is cured in the presence of vinylester.

See technical data sheet and XC110 Processing Guide for full details on mould compatibility.

Storage and Handling

When not in use, XPREG® prepregs should be kept frozen at -18°C (0°F) in sealed plastic packaging. When ready to use, the material should be removed from the freezer and allowed to thaw fully to room temperature before being removed from the packaging.

Remaining material should be re-sealed before returning to the freezer to avoid the risk of moisture uptake.

Ordering and Delivery

All XPREG® prepregs are stored on site in our freezers. To reduce handling time and allow same-day dispatch, prepregs are available in pre-cut roll lengths. Choose the roll length you require from the drop-down list at the top of the page. When ordering a full roll of fabric the drop-down list shows the typical roll length but please allow for length variance of plus or minus 1m which has already been factored into the low unit price of our full length rolls.

Your XPREG® prepreg is sealed in air-tight packaging and will ship from us still frozen. Please see the transport tab for further details and important information about delivery.


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XPREG XC110 Prepreg Carbon Fibre 6K, 416g, 2/2 Twill (1250mm)

XPREG XC110 Prepreg Carbon Fibre 6K, 416g, 2/2 Twill (1250mm)

OUT OF AUTOCLAVE | COMPONENT | SURFACE PLY | Advanced Prepreg carbon fibre developed for out-of-autoclave cure. Suitable for structural or cosmetic applications. Cure from: 85°C, max Tg: 110°C

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