Vacuum Pumps for Vac Bagging, Bonding and Degassing

Complete range of specialist vacuum pumps for composites processes including vacuum bagging, prepregs, resin infusion and vacuum degassing.

Vacuum pumps and vacuum pump accessories selected specifically for their proven reliability and performance for composites applications.

Our range includes the High quality yet compact EC.4 Compact Composite Vacuum Pump from DVP recommended for small to medium scale vacuum bagging and resin infusion applications and now also our EC.20, also from Italian pump manufacturer DVP, suitable for industrial applications, always-on vacuum ring main installations and super-fast vacuum degassing operations.

For many years Easy Composites has been the premier choice vacuum pump supplier to the composites industry and as a result we are able to offer specialist versions of some of the industry's best performing vacuum pumps at the lowest prices on the market. Combined with our unrivalled understanding of vacuum pumps for vacuum bagging, resin infusion, prepregs and vacuum degassing along with our in-house engineering and it's easy to see why so many customers choose CARBONMAKERS.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items