Braided Carbon Fiber Round Tubes

This round tubing is comprised of carbon fiber braid and unidirectional fabrics. This product is ideal for building light weight frames and structures using our modular connectors. Our carbon fiber round tubing has been engineered to be much stronger under torsional and side loading than pultruded tubing. Our tubing is also significantly lighter than pultruded tubing. Our carbon fiber round tube has been designed so that the unidirectional layers are captured in a sandwich structure, eliminating longitudinal cracking and splitting. Two options for finish on this tube are available. Natural, where the finish shows the texture of the carbon fiber braid with a wet shiny appearance and gloss, which has a flatter, more uniform glossy surface.

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Users are responsible for the design and test of any structures involving Carbon Makers tube and gussets and are responsible for determining the safety and suitability of these products for their own purposes. DragonPlate large tube is not intended or approved for use in aircraft and assumes no responsibility for its use and safety. See our terms & conditions for more details.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 15 items