Uni-Mould Mould Making System


Uni-Mould is a special universal moulding system developed to simplify and reduce the cost of producing high quality composites moulds, particularly for larger parts.

The Uni-Mould system is made up of 3 specially formulated resins, all capable of high operating temperatures and filled for zero shrinkage:

  • Uni-Mould Tooling Gelcoat (single or double application to 0.8mm)
  • Uni-Mould Coupling Coat (used with 2 layer of 100g CSM)
  • Uni-Mould Tooling Resin (used with 4 layers of 450g CSM)

Moulds made using the Uni-Mould system are suitable for use making parts using epoxy, polyester, vinylester and even pre-preg resin systems. Moulds can be used for wet-lay, vacuum bagging, resin infusion and rapid tooling systems.

For further information see our Uni-Mould Advantages and Laminating Guide.

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