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CarbonMakers Composites is a leading supplier of specialist epoxy resins for advanced composites.

Epoxy resins are very low odour (compared to polyester and vinylester) and generally involve mixing resin with hardener and relatively equal proportions (such as 1-1, 2-1 or 5-1) compared to polyester resin which is reacted by catalyst at ratios more like 100-1.

All CarbonMakers Composites epoxy systems have been specially chosen for particular properties which are clearly explained on the product pages. They are all very high performance resins suitable for use with glass fibre, carbon fibre and aramid (such as Kevlar) fibre reinforcement.

Epoxy mould making

A general rule of composites mould making and laminating is that moulds made used polyester resin should not be used to make parts using epoxy resin. In simplistic terms, the reason for this is that a combination of epoxy resin on one side and polyester resin on the other side of a release agent (such as PVA or wax) tends to disturb the release agent and will result in parts that stick to the mould. Instead, if you intend to make epoxy based parts then you should make your moulds out of epoxy resin and epoxy gelcoat too.

CarbonMakers Composites stock a wide range of Epoxy Resin products including the GlassCast® range and ArtResin® for craft and artistic applications alongside high performance epoxies for laminating, coating, high temperature, skinning and even a bio resin option. Click on the products below for more information.

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