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You will find here all PREPREGS materials.

Prepregs are conventional reinforcements that been specially pre-impregnated with catalysed resin during manufacture. Because the resin has already been mixed with its hardener, prepreg carbon fibre needs to be stored at very low temperatures to prevent the resin from curing before the material is used. It is normal for prepreg materials to be stored at temperatures of around -20°C.

To use prepreg carbon fibre requires a minimum of a composites vacuum pump, vacuum bagging supplies, high temperature tolerant moulds and an oven to cure the parts (whilst still under at least vacuum pressure).

Just like conventional carbon fibre fabric, prepreg fabric is available in a range of weave patterns and fabric weights.

CARBON MAKERS is a prepreg supplier offering the most extensive range of advanced tooling and components prepregs available to buy online, anywhere. Our exclusive XPREG® prepregs offer an unbeatable combination of performance and price and are available in both autoclave and oven-only cure versions.

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