Glass fibre is still one of the most commonly used reinforcement materials in composites and comes in many different formats including traditional chopped strand mat, woven rovings, woven glass cloth and multi-axials. In advanced composites, chopped strand mat is generally now used only in pattern and mould making but woven glass and multi-axials in particular still make up the majority of composite reinforcement used today.

Chopped Strand Mat (CSM)

A staple of the composites industry, chopped strand mat (or CSM as it is known) is widely used in mould making and the production of large GRP mouldings.

Woven Glass Fabric

A range of high quality woven rovings and woven glass fabric ranging from ultra-light weight 25g for modelmaking through to 300g for day-to-day glass GRP laminating.

Multi-Axial Glass Reinforcement

Multiaxial glass (none crimp) reinforcement is an alternative to traditional woven glass fabrics offering improved mechanical performance.

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